IOMP webinar jointly with WHO, IRPA and IAEA on Radiation Safety Culture

Tuesday, 9th Feb 2021 at 12 noon GMT Register here

We have so many tools and means to practice radiation safety. The transition from radiation safety to radiation safety culture occurs when we are able to make everyone involved practice safety. Thus, radiation safety culture has much to do with establishing culture. Experts from 4 major international organizations shall deliberate on this important topic and will cover both diagnostic and therapeutic activities in which staff in medical institutions are involved with.

Organizer and moderator: Prof. Madan Rehani, IOMP
Speakers in alphabetical orders of organization (IAEA, IOMP, IRPA, WHO):
Dr. Debbie Gilley, IAEA
Dr. Madan Rehani, IOMP
Dr. Bernard le Guen, IRPA
Dr. Maria Perez, WHO